Professional Design, Installation & Maintenance

If you have an aquarium and your looking for someone to help you take care of it, you could benefit from our high-quality maintenance services.We pride ourselves in building personal relationships with our clients so they feel they can call us directly should they have any concerns. We understand that your pets are important to you and we will do our best to answer any emergency call-outs as soon as possible.

All maintenance visits are carried out at times which suit you, by staff with many years’ experience dealing with animals.During our service calls we will perform the following steps to ensure your aquarium is thriving:

Our Services Include:

• Cleaning of acrylic or glass viewing panels
• Substrate cleaning (Sand or Gravel)
• Water Changes
• Servicing of the Life Support Systems
• Cleaning of themed environment
• Water chemistry test- Consulting
• Delivery of any products or livestock requested   
• Other Professional Services

 We also offer services that meet any additional needs:

• Emergency service
• Relocation services
• Vacation monitoring
• Aquascaping
• Consultations and troubleshooting
• Relax and let us do the work
We offer free estimates on any project or service you need. Owning and operating a marine aquarium can be intimidating – our goal is to remove all anxiety and let our clients enjoy the tranquility of these unique marine environments. Sit back, relax, and marvel in the beauty of your aquarium. We will do all the work!


Water Gardens are designed to stimulate one’s intellect & spirit, while encouraging one to wander in nature & experience an oasis of tranquility. When properly designed & constructed , the four key elements of Rock, Water, Plants, & Architecture create a ever changing & rejuvenating environment.


55, 75 and 125 gallon office rental package available

Having fish shouldn’t be more work — It should be fun!

Now you can have your own beautiful aquarium filled with exotic fish & coral, with all the upkeep included in one low monthly rate.

Rentals are not available for residential locations.

A minimum of 12 months is required for rental.

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